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Sunburst Wood Sign

Sunburst Wood Sign

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** This sign comes with 2 keyhole hangers in the back so it can be hung with the design facing left OR right **

All of these signs are handmade in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

The frames are made with real pine wood.

We expect to see cracks, knots, holes and other imperfections.

We believe this brings charm and character to the signs and makes each one truly unique.

The backing is made of recycled material.

On the back of every sign we expect to see marks & imperfections that show this sign has already lived a full and happy life! They are not meant to be perfect!

Dimensions are: 9" wide by 17" long.

Background color is white Lettering is black

Design is silk screened onto painted MDF

Framed with stained pine wood

Keyhole hanger is set into the back for flush and easy hanging

All of the signs are made with 1/2” MDF backing with 5” x 2” stained pine wood frame.

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