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Regrown: Grow Fruit, Herbs & Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps

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Vegetables have the extraordinary ability to regenerate themselves without fertilization—even your everyday kitchen scraps.

With step-by-step illustrations, this guide shows you how to grow 20 vegetables that are every bit as delicious as their first incarnations. Ranging from fruits and herbs that will sprout in a matter of days, to vegetables that will delight in later seasons, Regrown is an easy-to-follow guide to growing new plants, with a focus on repurposing produce found in any supermarket.

The projects include everything from carrot tops and mushroom stalks to ginger, avocado and even pineapple, with tips on how to use them in the kitchen, too. Grow new plants from your cooking scraps—all you need is a jar and a tapfull of water... then just let nature do its thing.

Grow delicious fruit and veg from your kitchen scraps on your windowsill.

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