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Jungle Culture

Bamboo Cotton Buds | Eco Cotton Ear Swabs (200 Pieces)

Bamboo Cotton Buds | Eco Cotton Ear Swabs (200 Pieces)

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Bamboo cotton buds

Jungle Culture's zero waste bamboo ear buds are the perfect plastic-free and eco-friendly replacement for traditional q-tips. The sturdy wooden stems are coated at either end with 100% organic cotton and packaged in a rounded, convenient zero waste tub made from recycled kraft paper.

These bamboo cotton swabs can be used to clean your ears or as a makeup remove bud. Bamboo earbuds are an essential and simple way to swap from plastics to bio alternatives and our natural bamboo cotton buds are priced almost as low as traditional plastic cotton buds too!

Set Contains: 200 x Bamboo Cotton buds 1 x Rounded kraft paper tub Packaging - Sold in a circular kraft paper tub.

Place face up on a bathroom counter for easy access to your bamboo ear swabs.

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